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Where are you baby?

I want to find some close friends that i can be myself around. Im tired of being closet. I need to have a friend or two that i can tell anything and everything to. My closet friends think i do but obviously they are mostly unaware even if they suspect things they couldnt imagin or truly comprehend the strugle inside. i never have felt able to be 100% honest with anyone about Frowns. Oops im turning those upside down now...Smiles. Silly grins. I I'm not even sure how to classify myself. I have managed as long as I can with closet crossdressing however that just doesn't fit entirely. I don't know much about any of this I'm just starting to really learn more I'd love to have my high heels or some cute little boots. Listen to me blah blah blah I have so much I desire and long to talk with someone who cares and wants me to be who I am you know a friend I'm going to stop there I could go on and on and on but I'm not trying to let just anyone in. I want them to be the right people, loving, caring, goodhearted souls. I desire to find my absolute Best friend who is gonna be my TS lover. Shes out there waiting longing for me too. I guess its the only love my heart has hope and desire to be with. My hopes are possibly unreasonably High meaning I have hope that my
TS girlfriend,my love, shes not only waiting for me but she's actually going to love me and I don't know what that really feels like. I can be a hopeless romantic sometimes yes. So I should probably tell you a little about me currently a dude as far as everyone knows( with the right help I believe I will end up being irresistibly cute I can't wait to go into public like that with my new friends specially with the love of my life).ok ok ummm i raised both my kids by myself they live on their own. I'm super young at heart I don't believe I will ever grow old even when I am lol. There's no age limit on who fits in my life. I'm personally in a weird age stage because I tend to get along and M closest to people who are younger than me even up to 10 years younger than me although I have older friends as well. I signed up for a site last night but I will probably cancel it and that was the first time I ever have been on the site I've never even showing my picture to anyone until yesterday song fairly new to this part of things but I need it inside I need it where are you baby I'm going to find you I don't typically look but I'm tired of waiting and those few best friends I know you're out there too. I need you I want you and I can't wait for all the good times we're going to have and one of you are going to be my baby. Hugest Smiles. There's so much to say or end it with this I know I don't look that great cuz a lot of that as operator error ,the boy in me is quite aggressive and dominant but in an extremely passionate desireful form. Sometimes that boy in me is aggressive and dominant and then more playful innocence definitely naughty and wants to pull the I'm just going to f*** you right. You're mine and you're going to submit and let me have my way with you and you're going to love it hehehe. MMMMM . On the other hand the girl in me can we just quite the opposite with more submissive tendencies or I just want to get used and f***** even have someone make love to me. I'm sure it gets much more in depth if you want to know I didn't even really give a description to me though 6 ft White I used to say athletic build but they have seemed to change that to average or something 6 ft 175 lb dang makes me think about shoes I really want some cute shoes more or less boots and some high heels grinning while Id which turns into aHuge Smiles

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